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Although PETCH MODE first embarked on their ‘An Evening With DEPECHE MODE Music’ project together in 2019, all members have been in the business for years. The band used to be known as MOODIE PETCH back then. All their origins, individually, go back to 90’s, performing many kinds of genres of music from rock to pop on great venues and stages.

PETCH MODE has collectively found their matching sound with DEPECHE MODE in this project and offers something valuable for all of the fans and devotees of the group, creating a unique evening of best of the songs and visuals shows.

Worldwide known DEPECHE MODE tribute PETCH MODE is formed of Ege Kuran on vocals, Sinan Güngörer on guitars&keys, Mehmet Kartal on keys and Özkan Purde on drums.

The group has achieved to form the live sound of the famous band with unique techniques of sound engineering and combined this with a spectacular live show of the band.

With all this innovation of the sound and visual live show, the group has attracted not only the fans of DEPECHE MODE, but also the young generation who weren’t lucky enough to see them live in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

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